Vertical Candor Painting- Hues of the Moon

Vertical Candor Painting- Hues of the Moon

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Introducing our stunning 'Hues of the Moon’ painting from the Vertical Candor Collection- the perfect addition to elevate any room in your home or office.It is handcrafted by our skilled crochet artist Nivedita and features a unique blend of color, texture, and depth that will capture your imagination and inspire your senses.

It is made with the finest purse thread, including high-quality frame rod, ensuring long-lasting durability and beauty.

Product Specifications 

Items in this product - Wall Hanging
Name - Vertical Candor Painting- Hues of the moon
Quantity available - 3
Quantity for each order - 1
Material Used - Purse thread
Dimensions- 26cm×22cm

Color -
Option 1 - Blue and white
Option 2 - Pink and white

Care required if any - Clean with a dry cloth