About Us

Wabasta literally means ' entwined together' 

The name rightly describes our brand that blends handcrafted crochet work with cruelty free leather to create contemporary designs of handbags and accessories for the modern Indian woman.

While our products are thoughtfully designed and chic, they also offer superior functionality. 

Like our products? Or wish to connect with us for anything - simply reach out to us on our email @wabastastore@gmail.com.

You can also drop in a whatsapp message on + 91- 7349749882


Meet our Team! 

Dipintika - Meet our founder Dipintika ,the power house of WABASTA ! She is not only passionate about the work she does but is also a person of values which reflects through every aspect of her work. With Wabasta she aims to bring back the charm of CROCHET with a contemporary twist. Dipintika comes from a marketing and consumer rEswaran background but brings her exceptional creativity and expertise into the brand's design aesthetics too! Combining her vision with the team's collective insight into all the details she ensures that every piece we create seamlessly fits in our brand's image. You will find Dipintika sipping her coffee with a book in her hand or crafting a beautiful poetry if at all she gets any time off her mom duties. :)


Meet Roopali, she manages offline marketing & customer relationships for WABASTA. Her excellent communication skills make her a perfect match for this role. She caters to all our client requirements and ensures that they have a good experience with Wabasta. While she manages our (invite only) Elite Member's Club end-to-end she's also the go to person for collating all the client feedback for making our product even better!
If Wabasta is participating in any pop up, be ready to meet Roopali there! Roopali loves planning and she can be quite assertive with her requirements until she deems the plan foolproof! You will find Roopali checking out a new place, lazying around or watching K dramas simultaneously fangirling instagram stories whenever she is free...Don't mess with her while she's having her coffee because she loves it more than herself!



Meet Aruna, she manages ops and finance at Wabasta. She is the most sincere and the quietest human being that you are ever likely to come across. She will say yes to almost everything you ask her to do, but then again it l will not stop her from asking you the right questions at the right time. She's the newest addition to our team. While we usually find her coordinating with logistics dept or tracking multiple orders at Wabasta, you can spot her reading books, learning something new or travelling to near by places, espy for Dakshina when she’s not working. She hates arguments…so we suggest you be polite, calm down and take a deep breath instead of being aggressive around her.