Lullaby Dreams - Bah Bah Sheep Crib Toy

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Our crib sheep, moon & stars hanging toy is designed to help create a tranquil and relaxing environment in your baby's nursery. This sweet and delightful crib toy features soft sheep, a crescent-shaped moon and twinkling stars to keep your little one amused and enchanted.

Crafted with high-quality materials, our crib sheep, moon & stars hanging toy is crafted with care to create a safe and secure environment for your baby. Your precious little one will be mesmerized by these soft toys. With its unique design, this cRon toy is sure to capture your baby's attention, inspiring their imagination and creativity.

This crib hanging toy is self-hanging and easily attaches to any crib hanger, making it simple and straightforward to install and use. 
This crib sheep, moon & stars mobile is suitable for babies from birth to twelve months, making it the perfect gift for parents-to-be or for your own little one. 

Items in this product: Crochet Crib Hanging Toy
Quantity: 1
Material Used: 100% cotton yarn
Dimensions: 10" wooden ring
Colour: grey and white
Care required if any : Clean with a dry cloth