Vertical Candor- Embroidery Hoop (More Options available)

Vertical Candor- Embroidery Hoop (More Options available)

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Our crochet embroidery hoop is a beautiful and unique canvas that shapes up to be the most beautiful wall decor piece. The interplay of classic crochet patterns, combined with sturdy jute fabric, provides a creatively inspiring space for you to showcase your creativity and skills.

Expertly designed and crafted, this embroidery hoop features a special blend of natural and synthetic yarns, woven and crocheted into the durable jute base. The wooden hoop gives it a classic and sophisticated touch, making it perfect for hanging on the wall or displaying on your work surface.

This embroidery hoop is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways- use it as a stand-alone piece or within a collection. Its timeless beauty lends itself to any space, adding a warm touch of natural textures to your decor. This piece will be a conversation-starter and heart-warming reminder of your enthusiasm for handmade, and authentic items.

 It is the perfect way to express your artistic style in a way as unique as you are. Order today and showcase your extraordinary collection of art!

Items in this product: Crochet embroidery hoop
Quantity: 1
Material Used: cotton yarn
Dimensions: 7"
Colour: peach, lilac, lavender, brown, white, and pink
Care required if any : Clean with a dry cloth