Cosmetic Stockade - Midnight Blue

Cosmetic Stockade - Midnight Blue

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Introducing our versatile wall/ door organiser for your bedroom and bathroom, the perfect solution to keep your personal care essentials and cosmetic items organised. Made from the finest purse thread , this hanging organiser, has been completely hand crafted by our crochet artist Jhansi and offers a sleek and stylish way to keep your personal care items within easy reach and your space looking neat and tidy.

Our ' Cosmetic Stockade’ organiser features ample storage options with multiple compartments, allowing you to easily store and access a variety of things such as hair brushes, creams, make up essentials and more.

Product Specifications: 

Items in this product - Organiser
Name - Cosmetic Stockade- Midnight Blue
Quantity - 1
Material Used - Purse thread
Dimensions- 68cm(including hanger) × 48cm
Color - Midnight Blue
Care required if any - Clean with a dry cloth