Wabasta Art Fest!

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Last day: 17th May 2024 @www.wabastastore.com

Get the most unique, sustainable and handcrafted brands! All under one roof! 

We at Wabasta are committed to bring to you 'creativity' in all its forms. And we are now taking this commitment a step further by partnering with the most interesting brands out there across multiple categories that are all handcrafted, sustainable and breathtakingly unique. Be a part of this collaboration as we explore their journeys and stories through their creations from May1st - May15th


Despite being a ubiquitous hobby across many Indian households, crochet remains a technique that hasn't transitioned to mainstream fashion trends. Wabasta intends to change that. It blends handcrafted crochet work with cruelty free leather to create cotemporary designs of handbags, accessories and lifestyle products that speak for themselves! It provides employment to multiple women artisans across NGOs pan India. 

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Purring Threads 

More than an accessory owning a Purring Threads piece is a statement of conscious luxury. It's the purr of contentment that comes from wearing a piece steeped in history and crafted with care for the environment. The intricate embroidery sparks curiosity about ancient traditions, while the soft cotton whispers comfort against your skin. It's a quiet confidence in your individuality, a piece that empowers you to stand out with timeless elegance and a touch of bohemian flair.

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Loomy Tales 

This slow fashion brand was born out of the desire of its founder Raakhee, to celebrate the artistry of Indian fabrics and the artisans who create magic with their art. This brand’s forte lies in weaving a narrative of contemporary women’s wear crafted from exquisite Indian handcrafted, artisanal fabrics. The world of LoomyTales is where one rediscovers the romance of fashion with textiles that whisper tales of tradition and timeless style. 

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Mid Autumn Rains

Midautumn Rains is a travel inspired lifestyle brand that connects diverse cultures and communities weaving stories along the way. Linking each product with its cultural glory makes each of our collections a timeless piece of art. Everyone's love for travel can find an expression in our collection which embodies culture, heritage, sustainability and craftsmanship.

To shop for MidAutumn Rains collection, click here for men and here for women



WHE By Abira

Whe by Abira is a design-driven, ethical fashion accessories brand, that blends fabrics and repurposed wood to reimagine the craft of jewelry making. WHE is committed to bring marginalized families out of the poverty cycle and inspire consumers to buy eco-friendly and handmade products. We ensure a fair family investment in education, health, and savings by adding mothers to the workforce and doubling their family income

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